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Top Tips to Choose the Right Market Research Firm for Your Business

Market research is the process of understanding the market your business serves. It is an important activity to help a business understand market needs and ensure that their product/services meet those needs. Businesses can select a marketing research firm like consulting to help them with this crucial activity. The best tips to help a business in Dubai select a market research agency are presented.

Capability of The Firm

It is important to select a market research firm that has the capabilities to carry out research in the area of your business. It is enough that the agency has the ability to do market research, they need to be able to do it in your line of work. This is particularly true if you deal with higher-end technologies or do R&D work. Look for the profiles of the researchers who do the work apart from the profile of the agency head.

Market Research Firm


The experience of the firm in terms of number of years of operations, number of research projects completed, number of years work experience of key researchers and other staff need to be verified. You need to ask for all these details and verify them before you decide if the agency is the best. You can ask for a client list and verify it.

Way of Working

Understand the process that the agency follows to carry out its operations. You need to understand how the company frames the research objectives, their standard procedures to conduct research, and how they would report the research results. All this is important to understand if their way of working meets your requirements. You need to look at their timelines to know if they will complete the work within time.


You need to take quotations from different research agencies and compare them before deciding. Costs include the agency’s fee plus expenses involved. Find out rates offered by other companies in the market and then compare. Don’t see only the costs, look at the services offered.



Make sure you interact with the key people in the agency before you decide if you want to work with them. It is not enough to interact with the marketing team or the top-level people, you need to interact with the people who actually do the research. This will help you understand if you can vibe well with the agency.

Following these tips can help your business select the best market research agency.