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What You Should Do When Your Rental Car Breaks Down

When renting a vehicle whilst on vacation the last thing you think of happening is the vehicle breaking down. You have paid money to receive a service that is fully functioning but the unexpected can roll about. Should your rental car break down, do you know what to do to get it back on the road? Before renting out a vehicle you should familiarize yourself with the rental company’s break down policy. If you are looking for cheap car hire Dubai UAE and reliable for your vacation in Dubai, simply search online – we guarantee to provide you with the best deals and service in the UAE.

Renting a Vehicle

Things to Check Before Your Trip

If you know you are going to be renting a vehicle when you land at your destination, then there are a few things you should check so you are prepared for the event of a vehicle breakdown. If you have vehicle insurance or belong to a vehicle association then you might have access to a towing plan for rental vehicles or similar benefits. However, if you do not have any of the above, then you should consider travel insurance. The rental company you are renting from might offer insurance, but you could find your own for cheaper elsewhere.

Read the Policy Document

If you have booked your rental vehicle beforehand you will have an opportunity to go through the document and find out their policy on roadside assistance. Your rental company might offer roadside assistance included in the contract already. If this is the case, you do not want to pay for more travel insurance. You will also find out if the rental company provides coverage for damage to windshields, undercarriages, windows and the likes. If they do not, you will need to pay for these expenses yourself.

Speak to The Car Rental Company

The best thing to do if you do not know is to ask. Speak to the rental company and hear what their breakdown policy is. Also, ask if the coverage you receive from your insurer or vehicle association is viable should a problem occur. It is also best to find out whether you are allowed to change a flat tire yourself and if the vehicle breaks down whether it should be towed to a repair shop or a rental office.

Car Rental Company

Vehicle Suddenly Broke Down

If you are driving and suddenly the vehicle breaks down do not panic. Turn on your hazards and pull over to the shoulder where you and the vehicle are safe.  Get out of the car and perform an inspection. If you see damaged parts, then take a photograph immediately for evidence and then contact the rental company to organize the vehicle to be towed.

Photograph the Vehicle

As soon as you get your rental vehicle you need to take some photographs to protect yourself. Photograph both the interior, exterior, and engine bay so that you can prove that any damage that was originally on the vehicle was not caused by you. This way you can avoid paying any unnecessary charges.