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How should I dress for a photo shoot?

–°hoose clothes and accessories according to your personal style. In case two or more people are involved in a photo shoot, their styles and outfit colors should match. Don't be afraid to look more creative and bold than usual: a photo shoot is a special occasion. Your look should be comfortable as well, it will help to feel confident and relaxed during a process: on average a photo shoot length is three hours.


Do photos get corrected in graphic editors?

Yes, after a photo session all shots get processed through the PhotoShop program. The program allows to improve colors brightness, adjust contrast ratio, retouch skin and complexion defects. Customer individuality is our priority, we keep an image natural and apply minimum changes to it.


What kind of a photo shoot is preferable: indoor or outdoor?

Indoor photo shoot is a better option since it doesn't depend on weather conditions: wind, rain, sun or clouds. Lighting is one of the most relevant components of a photo shoot. Studio work provides numerous options of equipment usage at any day or evening time. Also Silhouette studio has a few background options which are quick and easy to change during one photo session.


How can I learn to pose in front of camera?

A photographer will be glad to advise you how to act during a process. Usually, assistants ask our customers to repeat after them, so they can have a relaxing enjoyable time. If you'd like to get ready in advance, it is helpful to look through a magazine or a catalogue and try to memorize the most successful poses.


Is it necessary to apply for a professional make-up artist for a photo shoot?

It is recommended to use a professional make-up service for a photo shoot. Photo shoot make-up differs from an every-day make-up a lot. It covers up all tiny defects of your skin, due to its thickness. It is also stubborn and lasts during a whole photo shoot.