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Photography Сourses

Silhouette photo courses are developed for beginners in a field of photography. The lecture series introduces to the basic principles of camera use, professional equipment possibilities, lighting adjustment in various weather situations, development of artistic skills and your own photo style. Besides theoretical part, we conduct informative trainings in small groups, so every participant can practice efficiently.


The courses are recommended for everyone, who wants to study the basics of photography in a short time. The first session is devoted to an elementary work with a digital camera, studio light adjustment and a brief acquaintance with portrait, still life, landscape and object photo shoots.

If you haven't purchased a camera yet, you can consult our experts about the most appropriate camera and equipment options. Our experts will also describe the history of photography, technical aspects of photo art, camera constructions, lenses classification, principles of exposure compensation and photography categories.

The theoretical part is conducted in classrooms, equipped with a necessary software. After every practical session, participants get together to discuss their works, analyze mistakes and find better composition solutions. Theory also includes a study of the most popular graphic editor, Adobe Photoshop.

Practice is lead in spacious studious, fully equipped with professional photo cameras, soft boxes, strip boxes, reflectors, color filters and so on. During practical session you will learn how to develop a perfect photo image, photo concept and prepare suitable lighting for a shoot.

Silhouette photo studio guarantees that by the end of our courses you will be able to compose a personal portfolio and feel confident with a professional camera.