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Photo Studios

The Vintage studio is 30 m2. It has two large windows, which provide strong natural light and optional background. The room interior combines vintage, classic and eclectic items. A variety of accessories discovers numerous posing opportunities. A model can use, touch and play with every item in the room. The room is perfect for romantic, sentimental and refined photo shoots. Artificial light sources will also be provided by request.


The Urban studio is 35 m2. It has artificial light sources, which can be bright or soft depending on customer's request. The space combines a number of styles: minimal, modern and Provence. It is a peaceful, mild and pleasant space, supplemented by surprising color accents. The studio furnishing are perfect for maternity and romantic photo shoots.


The Country studio is 25 m2. It is a perfect example of a modern classic style. Brickwork, wooden floor, textile and greenery create a sense of a cottage house. The color palette is warm and tender: yellow, amber, honey, chocolate, caramel and hazelnut. Such traditional interior is a wonderful choice for family and children photo sessions.


The Baroque studio is 35 m2. It is the most creative and ambitious option, due to a color range: fushia, hot pink, red, golden, bronze, silver and rosy. However, an interior is soften by flowery wall pattern, furniture velvet texture and natural wooden floor. There are only artificial light sources in the studio, which makes it flexible for composition changes at any day or evening time. It is a great background for feminine and girlish playful photo shoots.