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Quad Bikes or Dune Buggies: Which One Should I Choose?

Quad bikes and dune buggies have some similar characteristics starting from the fact that they both possess four wheels and large tires designed mainly for exploring tricky topographies. The attachment of body bars is a feature that is peculiar to buggies as it enables it to be easily singled out of several quad bikes. Check out bigreddxb.com if you wish to see several quad bikes and dune buggies.

Quad Bikes

Tourists prefer buggies although it has the same operative mechanism as quad bikes because quad bikes are heavier and more challenging to handle. They could lose speed when they get on the dense sand.

Advantages of Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are advantageous for riders who have a lot to carry with them for the trip. Hauling materials such as equipment, tents, meals, and others are part of the functions quad bikes perform. The four-wheel bike ensures balance and stability in sloppy areas. Also, the way quad bike tires are built enhances movement in sand-filled regions of the desert. It is also easier to operate a four-wheel quad bike. Are you just taking riding on a quad bike for the first time? If yes, you can quickly learn how to drive the quad bike with less stress. One of the significant advantages of a quad bike is the fact that its four wheels ensure stability and reduces the risk of cap siding.

Advantages of Dune Buggies

Dune Buggies

Buggies have bars built around them make them look slightly like roll cages, reducing the chances of passengers sustaining injuries if the motor rolls over. There are actual seats for the driver and seatbelts just like in cars. Buggies are designed as an ideal choice for people who would like to go on tour with a passenger by their sides not have them tucked in the back like in ATV quad bikes. Beyond reasonable doubts, Dune buggies are indeed the safest four-wheel bike that ensures the safety of its passengers. Dune bikes are also most suitable for travels and tourism to the sandy or muddy parts of Dubai desert.


In conclusion, each of these bikes possesses special features which makes them stand out compared to others. In recent years, tourists have been taking tours into the desert conveniently with these bikes. Need pictures and more info as regards the specifications and other special features of these bikes? Check bigreddxb.com.